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Mein Name ist Linda Wiegers und ich heiße dich herzlich willkommen bei meinen Angeboten rund um Yoga für das Nervensystem und Psychologische Beratung.

Ich bin approbierte Psychologische Psychotherapeutin und zertifizierte Yogalehrerin. Meine Leidenschaft ist die Schnittstelle von Psychotherapie, Yoga und Neurophysiologie. In all meinen Angeboten wirst du immer eine Mischung aus all diesen Aspekten finden.

Meine Angebote:
✦ Psychologische Online-Beratung
✦ Online-Kurse zur Regulation des Nervensystems: Vagusnerv-Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Linda Wiegers


  • "I really liked the yoga course because there was a good mix of theory, practice and relaxation. Repeatedly raising awareness of the connection between exercises and the nervous system motivated me and convinced me to repeat some of the exercises. I was able to prevent neck tension by doing exercises more often in everyday life. I have become more mindful with myself again. There were also challenging exercises that spur me on. Interesting how many places you can stretch. Another positive effect is that I sleep more restfully again. I noticed that very clearly after we did the exercises for the intestines / stomach. The relaxation part and the practice of loving kindness is always very nice. You can feel that Linda's heart is in it and I am looking forward to the follow-up course.
    Thank you dear Linda."
    (translation from german)

    Michaele (Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System)

  • "I wasn't in a good place and I realized I needed help. A close friend gave me Linda's info and I reached out asap. Not only did she help me heal from the immediate problem I was dealing with, she helped me heal from decades of trauma, while realizing my own strength. I am so grateful for Linda's expertise, I cannot put into words how she has helped change my life for the better." 

    Lisa (Psychological Counseling)

  • "A super feel-good course... with exercises that you can easily incorporate into everyday life, which means you can quickly feel an improvement, e.g. my posture and tension have improved. Very interesting and professionally designed." (translation from german)

    Michela (Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System)

  • "I have benefited greatly from the exercises for vagus stimulation and from the information on the polyvagal theory, and I have already been able to implement many relaxation exercises in my everyday life that are very helpful to me. I use the above exercises every day and can "quickly relax" much better." (translation from german)

    Birgit (Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System)

  • "This course is a gift, especially if you're short on time. In the evening you can completely get out of all your thoughts and tasks, you learn something new every time and at the end of the course unit you are deeply relaxed. Linda adapts the course to possible limitations and the individual needs of all participants and creates a wonderful atmosphere with her loving nature. I highly recommend the course!" (translation from german)

    Katharina (Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System)

  • "I am very enthusiastic about the “Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System”. The exercises help me a lot to calm down, to feel myself better, to reduce tension and to be able to fall asleep easily." (translation from german)

    Gabriele A. (Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System)

  • "Although I start every day with a short yoga routine, the course was a great addition for me. I was able to go into the individual areas more intensively under Linda's guidance. As a welcome side effect, I was even able to notice a reduction in weight, very fitting before the summer vacation 😉 Thank you very much dear Linda." (translation from german)

    Larissa from Bavaria (Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System)

  • "Many thanks, dear Linda, for this yoga course. The combination of the yoga exercises with the exercises for the ventral vagus nerve, the meditations, the choice of music and the varied classes were put together perfectly. You could feel that passion and a lot of loving preparation were the basis for this course. Always a pleasure." (translation from german)

    Ingrid (Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System)

  • "Linda manages to convey a mixture of philosophy, psychology and physical exercises to us participants in her very own way (versatile, competent, lovingly approachable and unpretentious). The sessions have enriched me personally a lot: both as a private person and as a psychotherapist and coach." (translation from german)

    Silke B. (Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System)

  • "Linda is simply one of a kind! I like her attention to detail that she brings to every class and the clarity, joy and balance with which she teaches us. You can clearly see how much Linda has internalized what she teaches and how much she enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences. Thank you dear Linda, for 8 weeks of "Time out for myself", I really needed it!" (translation from german)

    Silke F. (Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System)

  • "The “Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System” gave me a lot of joy and relaxation. Linda explained and showed everything in a very personable way. Even as an absolute beginner, I had the feeling that I could keep up and take quite a few things with me into everyday life. The fact that the classes are available as recordings for a while afterwards is very helpful." (translation from german)

    Jenny (Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System)

  • "Many thanks for the wonderfully designed course. Linda knows how to find a perfect balance of theory and practice. The classes are thematically well structured and most of the exercises are also suitable for beginners. 100% relaxation guarantee!" (translation from german)

    Patrick S. (Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System)

  • “Linda is such a sweet soul and an amazing facilitator. I have experienced her as a yoga teacher and in sacred dance and have always felt so safe to express freely and to authentically show up as myself.”

    Milena (Yoga and Online SacredDance)

  • “The exercises that we learn in this course help a lot to be more mindful of yourself and to stay with yourself. For me, this is the basis for change. I have become much more mindful of my body sensations and can therefore change things more quickly. I have integrated the learned exercises into my daily life. I am always fascinated anew by how the ancient knowledge of yoga complements the Polyvagal Theory and the exercises of Stanley Rosenberg.” (translation from german)

    Gabriele (Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System)

  • "Linda is an exceptionally empathetic and personable yoga teacher. She conveys her yoga units in a particularly calming way, choosing a balanced mix of background knowledge and practice. I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the entire course. The breathing exercises help me to quickly find my inner center again. I am very grateful for the instructive background knowledge. I can only recommend everyone to get to know Linda and her yoga, and even from the comfort of your own home." (translation from german)

    (translation from german)


    Karin vom Lehn (Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System)

  • "Linda's personal mix of well-founded theoretical input, philosophical inspiration and understandably guided practical exercises has become an integral part of my everyday life."

    Silke (Yoga Course for a Balanced Nervous System)

  • “Linda is exceptionally good at what she does, she is patient, wise and very kind. Thanks to her guidance I was able to deal with my trauma and transform myself. She made every step of the way so much easier and provided so much insight along the way that I was able to take the steps I needed to take.”

    Koen (Psychological Counseling)

  • “Linda´s ability to hold space and witness transformation in the space of compassion and unconditional love is beyond human capabilities. She is so wise and amazing. There are so many things that I have been able to tune into my system with her guidance and presence, I could not have done that by myself. 

    Linda holds space wholeheartedly and with no judgement whatsoever, she just sees you as who you are and guides you into different processes - I truly could not have done myself, even with all the gifts and capabilities that I have. It is a gift of all of us as human species, but Linda just shares it so well and so put together. She has a very good structure with combining the listening, all the wisdom she has acquired through experience and then this big container for transformation for anybody that comes to her. That container is one of the most powerful that I felt in my journey. She is a miracle worker. It is a wonderful gift and I am very grateful to be able to feel that with her in that space - inside and outside of the sessions.”

    Rukmani Kaur (Psychological Counseling)

  • “Linda is not only a highly intuitive and skilled therapist, she is also an incredibly genuine and open-hearted person. Since working with Linda I have felt myself being able to deliver my work in a more soul aligned and confident way. Linda gave me the tools to go much deeper in supporting my clients in their personal transformation.

    During our sessions, I always felt seen, heard and respected by Linda. Her warmth and openness meant that I was able to feel comfortable in sharing my fears, challenges and vulnerabilities as they were always met with complete non-judgement and understanding. I highly recommend Linda to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their business.”

    Jaime (Coaching)

  • “Working with Linda felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt seen and respected as a professional but also safe in sharing my vulnerabilities. Linda had a way of meeting me exactly where I was at in my needs at the time. Thank you Linda for holding beautiful space for me”.

    Stephanie (Coaching)

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