Online Coaching and Supervision for Holistic Healers • 3 Session Package


3 session package

The work as a Healer is beautiful and sometimes also challenging and draining. I am offering psychological support for Holistic Healers in the form of Coaching and Supervision. 

You want to improve the “talking part” of your session? You want to deepen the integration of your client’s experience? Let me teach you specific psychological techniques for communication, emotion and mind management, valued based goal setting and much more, that you can directly apply to your clients.
You are having a hard time with a specific client? Let’s have a closer look at the interaction between you and your client – what does it bring up for you personally, what do you need to change the interaction with this client?
Or maybe you are looking for some general support in what the work as a Healer brings up for you, you want to take a look at some personal topics and challenges. 

I will support you wholeheartedly, hold space for you and walk your path with you, as long as you wish me to be on your side. Let’s do this together!




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10AM, 11AM, 2PM, 3PM, 4PM, 9AM


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